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Club Kino

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 Contact :  46 8 24 41 41
 Address : Döbelnsgatan 4, 111 40 Stockholm, Sweden


Because Sweden is so far north, the sun stays up for a long long time in the summer, a strange experience when you are not used to that. The days are extremely long-, and you can get confused when you are looking for the sunset, or if it was already time for the sunrise. Like other Scandinavians, Swedes do know how to party. You have a wide choice of spots for going out. There are many pubs, bars, discos and clubs. Generally the dress code is very relaxed, jeans should be ok, exept for a few really happening places in the big cities, mainly Stockholm.
The most common drink is beer , order a "stor stark" and you'll get 40-50 centilitres of draft beer.
Other drinks are cocktails, shots, wine and cider. Cider comes in a great variety most resembling to alco pops.

Club Kino is since 1989 located at Döbelnsgatan 4 in Stockholm.

Each evening we offer you and your family's unique shows all night filled with sexiness, elegance, joy and glamor.

At Club Kino, you can choose to visit 10 different VIP rooms, all tastefully decorated in different styles to match your desires. Are you feeling extra adventurous, why not try one of our hot tubs for an extra wet experience.

Every month you can discover new girls in our club. When you as a woman decide to visit our club, you have to take with a male friend when we do not allow female guests on your own.

We are very proud to bring you an experience you will never forget.

Welcome to the Club Kino and let us brighten your evening.

We are open every day 21:00 to 07:00

We are also open during Christmas, Midsummer and all other holidays.

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