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Wandas Exotic Nightclub

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 Contact :  +46 31125920
 Address : Andra långgatan 16, 413 28 Göteborg, Sweden


Wanda is not any club.
, we have attracted our guests with our beautiful and friendly staff for almost 20 years.
As Gothenburg's oldest nightclub in the genre, we can offer everything you can imagine and a whole lot more. addition striptease and private shower you with us even experience our tough dominansrum or how about a tour of the labyrinth upstairs where it is shown erotic films of all kinds. Hang out in one of our bars while watching the show that goes several times an hour or invite one of our exquisitely beautiful ladies on a glass of champagne or a cocktail. Periodically we also have themed nights where we dressed staff and locally in fun, exciting, suggestive shapes and colors. The girls dance 12-06 and our "cruising" is open 11:30 - 05 weekdays Fred - Sat 06th During weekends populated scene of a 13-15 beautiful girls and the girls take turns during the week for groups of 6 to 8p per night. Closely allied are our fully stocked store with sexy clothes and all the toys you can imagine. We sell erotic movies on DVD and also has private viewing of these in a pleasant room with comfortable armchairs and AV installations. Our store is open 11:30 - 05 weekdays Fred - Sat 06th

Because Sweden is so far north, the sun stays up for a long long time in the summer, a strange experience when you are not used to that. The days are extremely long-, and you can get confused when you are looking for the sunset, or if it was already time for the sunrise. Like other Scandinavians, Swedes do know how to party. You have a wide choice of spots for going out. There are many pubs, bars, discos and clubs. Generally the dress code is very relaxed, jeans should be ok, exept for a few really happening places in the big cities, mainly Stockholm.
The most common drink is beer , order a "stor stark" and you'll get 40-50 centilitres of draft beer.
Other drinks are cocktails, shots, wine and cider. Cider comes in a great variety most resembling to alco pops.

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