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 Contact :  040-10 99 00
 Address : Jörgen Kocksgatan 7A, 211 20 Malmö, Sweden


Because Sweden is so far north, the sun stays up for a long long time in the summer, a strange experience when you are not used to that. The days are extremely long-, and you can get confused when you are looking for the sunset, or if it was already time for the sunrise. Like other Scandinavians, Swedes do know how to party. You have a wide choice of spots for going out. There are many pubs, bars, discos and clubs. Generally the dress code is very relaxed, jeans should be ok, exept for a few really happening places in the big cities, mainly Stockholm.
The most common drink is beer , order a "stor stark" and you'll get 40-50 centilitres of draft beer.
Other drinks are cocktails, shots, wine and cider. Cider comes in a great variety most resembling to alco pops.

Hours of Operation
The nightclub is open Friday and Saturday 24-05. Inlet closes at 04th
Age limits
Fridays 20 years
Saturdays 20 years
The club has always at least two dance floors open. Often more. One of the dance floor always offers the latest dance music and the best classics. On the second play everything else that you barely remember that you actually wanted to hear.
Wondering about something else. Please check through our FAQ before contacting us. It can be found here .


Slagthuset is just a few hundred meters from the main train station which makes it very easy to get here, even if you live a bit outside of town. traveling by taxi you say 'Slagthuset' or Jorgen chef street 7th

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