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 Contact :  +4161 283 00 71 +41
 Address : Binningerstrasse 14, 4051 Basle, Switzerland


Dome - club nights, concerts & Bar

The dome is one of the most versatile clubs in the city. For over 15 years provisional offers you the iconic tent at Birsig clubbing, concerts, cool cocktails and cozy ambience.
From salsa to hip-hop, reggae, funk, disco, oldies, alternative rock,
Boarder sounds and party beats for everyone aged 17 and over, there is something , on 1 Friday of the month even more special for party people aged 25 and over!
Regional, national and international concerts, live specials & DJ acts exist within all formats and the larger Stars (RZA, Dilated Peoples, stress, Lunik, Zürich West, Stiller Has ...) in the Atmospähre the dome to experience is simply unique.
Every second Sunday's English Standup Comedy is for ex-pats and those aspiring to be's, and in the summer of Maroc Garden invites you to chill out in the open!
The Acqua and Annex forms the dome "Bermuda Triangle "and" Night Life "- an alternative to the southwest of the city

The dome is not subsidized by the state or an association. As part of a public company it employs in addition to some full-time employees many part-time employees
paid by the hour.
> jobs we post, if any, under "Network" age limit? Doors open at 17 years or under notice on our site please ID / valid ID with you, there are checks at the entrance ! opening times? Can you see the event described on our website Admission? parties CHF 7 - CHF 15 - Concerts & Special Announcement according perks? For certain events there are reduced prices for students, senior citizens, disabled - (see notice on our website) Colourkey: CHF 5 - discount concerts (only at the box office) percentage point: except for 2 for 1 admission (specials and concerts) to wheelchair users? Can prefer to start the back entrance via ramp. Pay the normal price, the attendant is free. We ask in order to register by telephone: 061 564 66 38 presale? Acqua Bar (toll free), Fizzen , Mynt , Ticket Corner , Star Ticket minors? We do not pay any long drinks, cocktails, shots & Spirits to guests under 18 years of. Mineral water, beer, wine, sparkling wine may be consumed over 16. earplugs? At the bar you can free earplugs meant for personal use. drinking? The dome-toilet there is a freely accessible drinking water faucet. If you ask nice and the glass back again brings, get in between and at the bar a glass of tap water. Kuppelrulez? Our Security (MIB) is responsible for the safety of our guests and our restaurant. In this role, she lead at the entrance by age controls. Brought drinks be removed for you and you "kept." Access to the dome will not be denied because of a dress code. If someone is drunk, aggressive or provocation but is in the dome is not in the right place, and is to remain outside asked. dome Vibes? We offer great parties, great concerts and a versatile all-cash offer at reasonable prices. "All Free" adulterated alcohol and rip things are not our thing. We welcome guests who appreciate the cozy atmosphere and the cool groove of the dome, and in addition to the regular events also always like to learn something new - Music and you make our world go round!

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