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National Bern

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 Contact :  031 381 77 67
 Address : Maulbeerstrasse 3, 3011 Berne, Switzerland


Here tradition coupled with innovation, true openness to Swiss quality awareness, combine tolerance and individual guest care of the fundamental characteristics of this unique operation.

What began in 1908 in the heart of Berne with the foundation stone of a magnificent building is now a house of the meeting, which has no limits and reservations. Here cabinet ministers and representatives of all political persuasions present as well as railroad workers or radio journalists. Since jassende pensioners sit next philosophical school students, the operator of the cinema next door drinking his beer at the same table as the most-traveled businesswoman. Japanese tourists to relish eating a fondue and rock fans wait for the start of a concert.

Multi-cultural and unusual as his guests are also leadership, structure and options of the National Bern:
Since 1984, owned by the former tenant family Grünenwald, now share three of the six daughters with their life partners is responsible for the following four areas.

The restaurant ,
which is run in line with the Slow Food philosophy.

This hotel with 46 individually decorated rooms. The large auditorium , which is used for all kinds of occasions. The disco / bar Shakira , where Latin music and culture at home is.

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