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incógnito bar

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 Contact :  21 390 87 55
 Address : Rua Poiais de São Bento 37, 2715-311 Lisbon, Portugal


Meet as many Portuguese people as you can-, and you will have a lovely night. There is an ambience in the air promising that anything is possible. Almost every town has a disco, a nightclub and a bar. If you stay in a small town or village try a night in a local bar that is very often pastry shop during the day. Here you can also listen to local music in the evening. The challenge is the language as most people in the little towns do not speak English.

The most well-known musical form in Portugal is the Fado, which is most easily found in Lisbon and Coimbra. While in Lisbon, it is definitely worth hitting up Bario Alto. The atmosphere is alive and vibrant in the evening, with many people hanging out in bars and restaurants which line the streets. Music can be heard while stolling down the streets.

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