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Maus Hábitos

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 Contact :  22 20 87 268
 Address : Rua Passos Manuel 178, 4440-452 Oporto, Portugal


The lisboetas Trêsporcento have this day his new album " Table ".

The banda we toasted with editing Trêsporcento (EP 2009) and Extraordinary Time (CD 2011) - disc sold in its first edition in stores and gave the successful single "Blue Elephants" - returns safer now what want to do, without distorting the path that began drawing in 2009.

The indie pop rock continues to guide the quartet, which once explored the concept of hiding, but is now more exposed to light. The disc will be released with the seal of the Bustle.

"Table" will be available for purchase on the day of the concert for a promotional price of 5 €.

The debut single, "Velvet", is now available and run on radio and digital formats.

The first part of the concert presentation will be held by Captain Captain (FNAC New Talent 2012), which will feature songs from her self-titled debut EP and what will be his 1st album long term.

The story goes that the crossing of "Captain Captain" began to sound the chords of JP Mendes, accompanied by letters written shyly at intervals of a life divided between two cities, at a time when the trip was still a solo.

In May 2011 and now under the mask of the expression "Captain Captain", the musician took up as such and ventured on his first record, by launching an EP consists of four songs, produced by Jose de Castro.

In 2012 appears the FNAC New Talent participation in 2012, with the inclusion of the topic "The Place", and the promise of recording her first album of long duration.

'Short Memories (in Short Memories) "theme of the first breakthrough disc" Captain Captain ", will appear on next November and is soon to release that album, which will feature production from Castro and José Bernardo Cockroach (Devil on the Cross, Pheromone).

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